Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OOTD: Khaki Funky

Looking back at the photographs makes me laugh so hard ... simply because I looked awkward and the little leopard bow on my hairband somehow has this magical ability to make me want to act cute but not succeeding.

You might not want to proceed with the rest of the post straight after dinner. 2 - 4 hours time lapse recommended.

Shall we begin?

I look like I am about to hop and skip and gather berries if there was a basket on my arm.

I like the blurry effect so the picture is here.

Don't ask me why I decided to bend a leg. It was probably more in the line of "hey, I ran out of poses, can I be any more interesting?" In fact I am trying very hard to contain the spasms of giggles that would follow. See my face!

Just to show you my hairband.

My one of two pairs of brogues I own which I love to bits.

The morning I awoke to think that it is a very bad idea to mix the prints on the dress with my leopard-print bow hairband but I really want to wear the leopard-print bow hairband so I did. If people can wear stripes with polka dots, mix stars with hearts, I can wear leopard print with camo.

Verdict for ASOS Curve Khaki 50s Waisted Dress:
I am in between size 18 - 22 but have always bought everything from ASOS Curve at size 22 simply because I don't have the luxury of sending back clothes that don't fit unless I have extra money to burn. I'll rather it fit than not fit! I have a size 24 waist and a size 20 bust so it's hard to strike a balance. This dress fitted nicely on my waist but hangs too loose on my bust which is the reason why you see the neckline dip down to a gentle 'V' in my pictures. At 5'5", the dress length is just nice on me, verging on the borderline case of being a little short so I can imagine how short it will be for anyone taller. I do like the unpolished hemline with little wisps of straying fabric (there must be a term for it but I can't think it off the top of my head) because I feel rugged and tough. The cotton material is cool and comfortable especially for someone who is in a warm and humid climate. I never had a camo style printed dress so it is a good addition to the wardrobe but I can't say that it is a must-have so it is better to wait for the sales!

Bows for ASOS Curve Khaki 50s Waisted Dress

Check out Pretty Penny Mae's take on the same dress!

Khaki 50s Waisted Dress: ASOS Curve (here)
Sweetheart Necklace: From a Diva sale
Leopard Bow Hairband: Topshop
Brown Studded Brogues: "Your Feet Look Gorgeous" range from New Look

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Blogger Bethamint said...

I have exactly the same problem - my bust is a smaller size than my waist and my hips are another size again.

You look super duper cute in this, I don't think the warning was necessary <3

December 15, 2010 at 11:10 PM  
Blogger aroselikethis said...

you look really sweet in that dress :) I am yet to buy from asos but it is easier for me as in in the uk! I'll have too soon though i'm always lusting over asos curve! haha xx

December 15, 2010 at 11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That dress is SOOO cute! I keep looking at it on the ASOS site and going "Nah won't suit me!" but it looks gorgeous on you! Also brogues .... I want want want want! I've found a pair on Evans site so and hopeful for NY sales!

December 15, 2010 at 11:52 PM  
Blogger Gazel M. said...

You look adorable. I wish it were summer again so I can wear dresses without tights. :(

December 16, 2010 at 12:27 AM  
Blogger Meg said...

Come on, you look really cute on these pictures! I'm wishing for summer too -- actually I've been buying clothes for summer from eBay already :D

December 16, 2010 at 2:51 AM  
Blogger thomessa said...

I absolutely adore what you did with this dress. The leopard bow is such a cute touch and I'm jealous of your shoes!!! From afar, that necklace looks charming, that was my attempt at a pun, haha. I also have an imbalance in my measurements, my waist is a 14 and my bust is a 18 so shirts will never ever fit me correctly! I've sort of learned how to reach a medium between this annoying imbalance so it's gotten normal.

December 16, 2010 at 3:05 AM  
Blogger CurvyEveryday said...

I've been looking at this dress for a while now. I'm so glad you posted.Seeing it on you makes me jealous, I think the low v looks good on you. And i think you are adorable in all the photos. I love reading your blog and comments you have a way with words that always makes me smile.

Checked out pretty penny thanks for the link, she has a lovely blog too.

December 16, 2010 at 7:13 AM  
Anonymous Allison said...

This is very nice! I think that the camo and leopard work very well together - and I enjoy the whimsical poses :)

December 16, 2010 at 9:00 AM  
Blogger Pretty Penny Mae said...

It looks so cute on you! I love how you've paired it with those shoes!

December 16, 2010 at 9:21 AM  
Blogger mitten paws said...

i really, really want that dress. i asked santa. i hope he listens!

December 16, 2010 at 1:37 PM  
Blogger ThriftyMomma said...

You accomplished cute and adorable for sure:) Love your poses...the dress and hairband are cute too!

December 16, 2010 at 1:45 PM  
Blogger Weesha said...

a) I think we're body twins!
b) you look so cute
c) I want those shoes, I have the hardest time picturing myself pull them off

December 16, 2010 at 7:58 PM  
Blogger The Merry Traveller said...

Thank you everybody for the lovely remarks! They made my day!

amonkeyfashionista: I think it will suit you very well! It has an rugged side and I can totally see you in it! It's already on sale now but I think maybe it's wise to wait till Boxing Day to see if there is an even bigger discount!

Gazel & Meg: It's Summer all year round for me. You guys get the luxury of layering and layering and I am trying to keep cool all the time. I'm actually looking forward to both your summers so I can steal inspiration!

Thomessa: Oooh, waist 14 and bust 18 makes for an hourglassy figure!

Weesha: I don't see your tummy :( Not as obvious as mine anyway! And you can totally pull brogues off. It's easy. Just wear them! My boyfriend hates the brogues but I love them especially with dresses and in the near future, shorts!

December 16, 2010 at 9:12 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I really like it! The headband doesn't clash at all. And the brogues are amazing.

December 17, 2010 at 2:15 PM  

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