Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Blah Blah Food Talk

Ever since I was informed to my surprise that I was selected as a finalist for the DBS Foodster contest, basically a culinary adventure at the expense of DBS Indulge Dining Program but at the price of what would be my contributed food reviews, I had been sitting and wondering about the impulse that helped me to be shortlisted.

People who know me and know me well would find it quite hard to believe that I could actually be bothered to succumb to marketing strategies. In my defense, the contest was made easy for anyone to participate with a few taps on their keyboards and a click of the mouse. To enter the contest, you just have to have a twitter account, follow @dbsfoodster and tell them why you should be a DBS Foodster! All without moving from the very comfortable chair you are ensconced in.

I love typing seriously. I have a morbid fascination of my thoughts forming into words and stringed into sentences and I become quite obsessed with it at intervals, not that I do it often now. Allowing those wild, random thoughts to take form in a structure and get it out of my system is strangely therapeutic because it means I don't have to remember them. I get to compartmentalize them, arrange them in no particular order and even have the option to file them away for future references. That way, the mind is kept clutter-free and I wish the same could be said of my room in real life. Clearly, my idea of neatness is mutually exclusive of what's physically in front of me and what's virtual in my brain.

Well back to the Impulse. It just so happened that I received an email, being a part of the HungryGoWhere portal, of what it means to be a foodster when pleasant thoughts of myself having meals with friends drifted into my mind. No doubt we couldn't claim that every meal we had together was the best and there were no promises of them culminating into gastronomical orgasms but it is the company that made the meal. The form of cognition we achieved when savouring fares and holding discussions strengthened our bonds and the best thing is that because Food is a basic form of necessity (like you didn't know huh) thrice a day, we could always be trusted to make time even if it is a paltry one hour lunch break. Voltaire once said that "Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity" and that pleasure stemmed from a combination of good food, pleasant company and merry chatter. Food and People walk together, like Carrots and Peas in your fried rice. Haven't there been some chinese story during your school days saying that if you eat alone, even with the best meal in front of you, it would appear bland?

And so something clicked in my brain and my contest line sprung forth in a rush:
"The true making of a @DBSFoodster lies in the ability to merry-make through their meals, for better or for worse and I am she."

There is an interview to be had (and I thought the contest was going to be easy and relaxed in the comfort of my own home!) so I'll head down for the experience. There are many other worthy finalists so I might not be the lucky one. However, not being a DBS Foodster doesn't stop me in my quest to seek merriment through food and company so I can afford to take things with a pinch of salt and let come what may!


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