Friday, June 5, 2009

Sticking A Finger Where It Doesn't Belong

I've had this revelation recently, watching my neighbour's youngest daughter unwittingly stick her finger into a door knob and got stuck. It was an arduous process, really. Being young and afraid of pain, once her finger was stuck, she gave up trying, asking help from her siblings who then came running to my dad watching television in the living room.

As I stood watching the locksmith extricate the knob from the door, it was clear that the rest was up to the little girl. There is not going to be anything the doctor can do and sawing was out of the question since the little finger is in peril. Her anxious father poured oil over the finger and encouraged her to ease it out slowly but everytime she felt a little pain, she slumped back and gave up. Three grown men stood hovering over her - one decidedly nervous (her father), one concerned but amused (my father) and one sarcastic (the locksmith). If not for the fact that it would be improper to giggle, I would find the whole scene comical. Least when expected, the little finger suddenly came free of the door knob, reasonably well-oiled but none for the worst. I was thinking: Do not stick your finger where it doesn't belong.

Almost immediately, I thought of Jack Horner whose thumb was in the pie and I thought of myself, wondering if I have, metaphorically, been cast in the same situation. Have I been sticking my finger into where I don't belong?

The man is not yours and not for you. Do not insist on sticking your finger in where it doesn't belong because it will hurt and it takes a lot of pain before you are smart enough to extricate yourself from further hurt. You make the people around you worried but yet the only person you can help yourself is you. Tempting as it is to create a little drama out of curiosity, the aftermath is usually not so pleasant. I'll now leave the little girl be and hope that one day she has the same epiphany as me.

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