Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Ten Dollars Tales

This woman, can be such a struggling sentimentalist at heart.

Even one as cynical as this one, proclaiming herself "over and done with" matters of the heart for a good long while to come while concentrating on other more pressing issues on hand to satisfy her capitalist demands.

And as if to fully illustrate that there can be a reconciliation between capitalist needs and sentimentality, she kept 2 separate pieces of ten-dollar notes to commemorate the two men who left her reminiscing long after they were gone.

The first one left her a little more - a carrot pouch and a laminated neocard of them both so dazzling in their laughter. His face shone with mischief in that checkered suit he insisted on wearing just because the woman asked him to wear a little nicer on their first date out and the woman's with a somewhat worriesome smile, getting cold feet that the un-photogenic her will not turn out as nicely as she wished for it to be and it would not be a perfect picture. So as she sent him to the airport, face streakened with tears and clutching the note he demanded her to take as a final present to ever send her home safely for the last time, she chose instead to defy his order to enlist private comfort, took the public transportation and kept the note.

The second one - the woman hastily decided to keep that note because he gave her that note to supplement the cabfare home and a nagging feeling of impulse as she sped across the expressway told her that he would not stay and she was so desperate for something tangible to hold onto. Coupled with her practical nature, the ten dollar note, she did not use and is now a 'lucky charm' of sorts, upholding her belief in all things good and pure and serves a reminder if she should ever get too cynical. And the woman was right, he did not stay, the man she still saw occasionally but the rift too wide apart and she sent him leaving from her heart.

Two ten-dollar notes. Two tales of a woman's heart turned round and round, ended similarly by speeding away from the final destination of the men she once hold dear.

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