Saturday, January 1, 2005

An Introduction

And just who are you?

My name is Dee, which is short for something else I care not tell and I am born and bred in the sunny, tiny island of Singapore. I've been blogging on and off since June 2005 and have had various blogs scattered across the blogosphere which are mostly defunct now.

I won't classify myself as a fashionista. In fact, I won't label myself anything at all except for the fact that I enjoy clothes and take pleasure in dressing up. The Merry Traveller started off as a concept for short stories on Travel but the truth is - I don't have the means to move around the globe that much. However not being able to fly to different lands does not make me less a traveller since everyday is a journey to self-discovery, to work hard and find out what inspires you and keeps you breathing. Since doing outfit posts is a good way to keep the blog active, I then decided to document my outfits as a source of motivation to dress up in the beautiful clothes I've accumulated over the constant years of hoarding and retail therapy. Otherwise, I am very much a blouse and jeans girl. There was a time I was uninspired and felt underdressed every single day and dreaded when a sudden occasion calls for going out.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with a tee-shirt and jeans combination but I had all these lonely and lovely things hung up and mourning their state of neglect which isn't a respect you pay to the things you love. I practised hoarding because I had the concept that one day I might need to wear it for a special occasion. Now, I take everyday to be that special occasion. I've also come up with some questions and answers that I think people might be interested in or too shy to ask. If there is anything I have not covered and you would like to know, please do feel free to send me an email at themerrytraveller at

Questions & Answers:

Q. So what size are you?
A. I am mostly between a UK size 20 - 22 depending on the cut of the clothes.

Q. Where do you buy your clothes? Any recommendations?
A. Before I discovered ASOS Curve, which if you have read a couple of my blog entries you'll know that I am a big fan of, I use to shop at Dorothy Perkins most frequently, followed by Topshop, New Look, River Island and Miss Selfridge in their brick and mortar stores. Nowadays I buy a lot of ASOS online and occasionally from Evans, New Look, Forever21+ and Yours Clothing.

Q: Are there any reasons why you buy from those shops?
A: ASOS pretty much gives a lot of free shipping to Singapore which really helps to cut cost and they have in-season clothes that fit up to UK size 26 which I really appreciate. Brick and mortar stores in Singapore only go up to size 20 at most and that's from Dorothy Perkins. The others like Topshop and Miss Selfridge only go up to UK size 16. I buy from Evans because I can fit into their underwear, tights and belts. It is a challenge to find something that fits my waist and my bust and these online shops are truly a saviour! Forever21+ carries a good selection of gorgeous clothes from time to time but the shipping cost to Singapore is at USD 78 which is a tad too expensive for me. Most other UK-based shops ship to Singapore at £10 which is quite affordable.

Q: Are you very into trends?
A: I take note of trends but would not force myself to wear them if it doesn't go well on me. In fact I like to incorporate trends into an existing wardrobe. For example, if you like the leopard print trend but find yourself looking tacky wearing a leopard print dress, you can take elements from that trend and mix it into your current wear like buying a leopard print scarf, or a leopard print belt or a pair of leopard print loafers to wear with your white shirt and jeans ensemble (but not at the same time else you'll still end up looking tacky).

Q: Describe your style.
A: Romantic with a twist.

Q: What do you mean by 'romantic with a twist'?
A: I like delicate material, soft fabric and frills, ruffles and lace but at the same time, I would throw on something rugged as a juxtapose or clash pastels with a bright pop of colour. For example, I would wear a chiffon dress with a military jacket or a tulle skirt with a leather belt.

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration from?
A: From films, magazines and from the countless hours of people-watching.

Q: How do you find the money to buy the clothes? Are you sponsored?
A: No, I would say so if I am sponsored. I work my ass off to earn the money. However there are sacrifices to be made as I am not particularly well-paid. So if I want to have that dress, I would eat one less expensive meal or stay home instead of partying out. It is a balance that only you yourself can justify.

Q: If you are to have a minimalist wardrobe, what ten things would you have in it?
A: 2 well-fitting blouses, a pair of jeans, a beautiful dress for the day, a flattering dress for the night, an all-occasion cardigan, a glittery pair of flats, a pair of culottes, an all-purpose black bag and finally a tailored skirt.

Q: The proudest moment of your life?
A: When I landed in Paris. I have always wanted to be in Europe with Paris as the pinnacle.

Q: What is the one thing you strongly believe in?
A: Everybody of any size should absolutely have the right to dress their best.

Q: What camera do you use?
A: I currently use a Sony NEX-5 (which I call 'Annie') and my Sony HX-9V for almost everything but if you went back in time to the old blog posts, they were probably taken using my Canon 850-IS.

Q: Do you have a shop that sells clothes from your wardrobe, secondhand or otherwise?
A: Yes I have an eBay shop and if you are interested, click on the icon for 'Shop' on the right! eBay has this policy in which you can only sell limited number of items until you prove yourself trustworthy enough for them to lift the restrictions so I apologize if the selection pales. Please tell me if you have an alternative selling site I can make use of as well.


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